The ISS-Protect protection covers are protecting surfaces from UV-rays, rain, wind, dust and hail. The outer fabric of the covers absorbs this energy and in cause of that the cover ages addicted to the strength of the radiation, the action as well as the exposure duration. If one take other materials (for example canvas of trucks) the durability, would be nearly unbounded, but sadly under such covers condensation forms due to the fact that they are not breathable – what is very damaging for the paint. Hence we did not compromise and chosen the best convenient materials for our covers. ISS-Protect is the only manufacturer, who affords 5 years guarantee on the outer fabric. By NANOTOP-conditioning we get a protecting layer and we advancing the performance: higher durability, preservation of the appearance, no “absorbing” effect, no mold and easy cleaning of the covers.


There is the statutory 2 years guarantee and on the outer fabric of the ISS-Protect protection covers we have 5 years guarantee.  Our intention is to have satisfied customers, so if there appear any problems with the covers, we will try to find a solution. Furthermore we have our “After Sales Customer Service”, this means we are checking your covers yearly in the guarantee period.


Our covers can be cleaned easily in the washing machine using a 30 °C temperature program and mild detergent. Make sure you do not put it in the dehumidifier, but just let them dry on air. We advise to clean the covers with a light soap sud and let it dry on the aircraft.


For this reason, we use a combination out of polyester fabric, which is antistatic and not binds humidity. Even if there is no wind, the antistatic mesh fabric arranges for adequate circulation of air and avoids condensation. Especially our patented “Space-Flex” protector is giving a very good ventilation. Due to this fact we advise this option for permanent usage with high UV radiation, in summer and winter.


In spite of protection against mold by the NANOTOP-conditioning the covers have to be stored dry, if the storage lasts a longer period of time! We advise to let the wet covers on the aircraft till the start, eventually make them a bit try with a cloth. Usually the covers are dry till the thermal lift sets in.

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