About us

Who we are?

By taking the measures of the covers we sometimes feel like Christo, but we are middle class persons who connect the addiction to aviation with the job.


Karin Gminder

Roland Gminder


Our device: Wholeheartedly for the aviation!

Ab unter die Haube:

A little Swabian company makes individual covers for gliders, motorized aircrafts, boats, oldtimer, etc. The covers are handmade, with very much love to the detail. The mobile soft-hangars protect the object against rain, snow, sun and dust as well as against hail, ice and strong heat with the patented Space-Flex Protector System. Animated by pilots, campers and skippers which were unsatisfied with the conventional covers, a product with great characteristics occurred.



  • 100 % waterproof
  • UV-stability
  • Consistency against mold
  • Easy care
  • High durability
  • Free of condensation


ISS-Protect by Marketing + Event Services makes their debut on the AERO 2009. A succesfull year 2009 with many increaments and improvements of the products.


On the AERO 2010, ISS-Protect presented the super light ISS-Protect Lite cover (very good for travelling). Insiders said: “consolidated – UV protection – light, that’s amazing”


In the development of the covers, Karin and Roland Gminder did not compromise and chosen the best convenient materials for the ISS-Protect covers. The materials taken for the covers have the optimum UV-stability what assures a high durability. Furthermore the inner polyester fabric is antistatic and binds no humidity (in opposition to cotton), this anticipates condensation.

By permanent developing, it was possible to optimize the hail protection to the optimum.


This cognition  paired with the amenities of technical converting and the high quality of the materials assures an ideal cover for every weather which you can confidently name a soft-hangar.


Many checks by our “after-sale-service”, lead to the result that after a constant load for 2 years, there is still no adverse effect recognizable at the aircraft and at the all-weather cover.


Production in Süßen


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