ISS-PROTECT all-weather covers:

  • The fabrics, which are made in Switzerland, have the best UV-stability by permanent usage with 5 years guarantee.
  • The upper layer is Nano sealed.
  • The covers are 100% waterproof, seawater resistant and bird droppings resistant.
  • The covers protect the objects against rain, dirt, dust and hail.
  • The covers are free from condensation.
  • They have an antistatic effect.
  • The covers fit perfectly because they are made-to-measure.
  • Putting-on and taking-off by only one person possible.

ISS-Lite „the ideal cover for travelling“

  • The ideal cover for travelling – light, waterproof and UV-resistant.
  • Ideal für UL und Reisesegelflug.


Do you need a cover urgently?

We gladly lend an ISS-Protect cover to you!
If you order a new ISS-Protect cover, but need it urgently to protect your glider or airplane, we would like to send you one of our covers to lend!


Currently no news available!